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EEVBlog Youtube videos
« on: November 20, 2022, 09:08:22 pm »
First up a massive thanks to Dave for so many fun to watch videos!

I really like the way everything is pulled apart technically and the fact that it's done in a quite outspoken manner.

During the weekend I've been watching Dave pull apart kickstarter campaigns and well done because I agree that there is a lot of BS out there from people who have no idea about what they're doing. Unfortunately in business I have found that many people are like that because they are business people first and the "engineering position" is just a role or job.

I also checked out a few gear reviews too as I'm in the market for a multimeter having not used one for 20 years since my undergrad days - I created a topic thread on it anyway and now I'm weighing up between Brymen and Hioki. I love the Gossens and of course Flukes are Flukes but for a personal meter do I need to spend more for the paper trail....  thanks to everyone that contributed and helped out, it really is appreciated ;)

If only the EEVBlog could be broadcast on TV and have it's own radio station. Really enjoying things a lot. :) :)

The Solus vblog was just too funny, guess they're trying to compare a standard heater to an incandescent light bulb while having thie magical thermal paste turn the radiator into an LED - sigh.

I am envious of Dave though with so much kit and gear to play with. It's just a lot of fun  :-+

Well, time to enjoy what's left of the weekend, maybe with a few more EEVBlog videos :-DMM

It's almost like watching the Dilbert episode when the doctor tells the Dil mom that he's gona become an engineer after he rewires the microwave and turns it into an X-Ray machine  :-DD

I wonder if it's worth trying to build a kickstater with the product of a "Time Machine"? Dave could take the project lead on it, as long as there's coffee involved I'd be happy to participate  :palm: ;D

Anyway, this post was more about saying thanks then anything specific :)

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