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Cant wait to see what people from other parts of the world think of our local Spiders. Its big and scary, but it is also one of the few critters in Australia that wont kill you...LOL


I lived in many places covered with spiders, but I've never been to Oz or NZ.  They are mostly our friends, but they can get into places that could be problems, like your shoes or clothes.  They eat insects we consider pests: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, sometimes ants and termites.  I normally try to keep them around.  Gekkos and lizards are good too.  Its good to cover infested areas with web making spiders to catch flying insects, very practical to have them, but alas, spiders are killed by insect spray and hate OFF too.

What is particular good about them is they prefer live food.  So they leave dead food alone, the stuff we eat.  Also they generally don't like sweets too, so they leave your sugar, coffee, cakes, etc., alone.

I use to watch the 'jumping spider' walk around my office or home, jumping at flies and insects that attacked my cake and coffee.  Helped pass a boring day.  As they attacked, I would cover my desk with small items for them hide behind so they could get close.  It was before video was commonplace, so I have nothing to show.

i wonder how spider interpret visual environment with their many eyes. maybe they have full 3D map in their brain.

Local spiders around here are Black Widows and Brown Recluse

Around here, in the summer you'll find me wandering around the dark house with a black light looking for scorpions.


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