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EEVbog 1613 -Audiophile REPAIR: Chord Hugo DAC

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Simple repair on the neighbours $4500 Audiophile Chord Hugo DAC.
Replacing the rechargeable lithium ion batteries wasn't quite as simple as expected though...
And is this thing worth $4500?

And still too cheap to put a battery connector.

Would have liked a full teardown. We don't see much of it at all, so hard to tell how it's really designed, apart from the two batteries and the Bluetooth module, which, btw, is from a (now dead) finnish company, none of this Espressif junk. ;D
I don't know how old the design of this DAC product is though - Bluegiga has been acquired by SiLabs, and I doubt this module is still current (there's much better in the SiLabs offering directly these days, and I don't know if they still sell the legacy Bluegiga stuff).


--- Quote ---And still too cheap to put a battery connector.
--- End quote ---
Have you seen the price of audifool grade battery connectors

If what you saw with the one shorted battery terminal is true, than this product has a serious flaw because the protection circuits within the batteries will open/close in a random order.


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