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Episode #15 Fluke 289 review - sexy probes



I thought I'd share something I just found out. The tiny electronics probes in this episode are Fluke TL910s. I bought a set a couple of weeks ago from Farnell (code 389-0557) for £43 and I love them. I have just found out that they are exactly the same as the Pomona 6275 available from Farnell for £20 (code 413-5799). I assume the Flukes are a rebranded set from Pomona. It seems I could have saved £24! Hopes this helps someone.


Just thought I would share some comments on the Fluke 289, I've owned one now for a year, I totally agree Dave, it's to big and cumbersome for an everyday meter. On my workbench I use the newish Fluke 233 and a older chinese built (freeby) Fluke 19 for second measurements when required.
Out in the field I use a Fluke 117 and a Yokogawa AC/DC Clamp, just quickly the 117 is by far the best field meter for an Electrician/Tech one could buy, but Fluke stuffed one thing up with this meter and it bugs the hell out of me every time I use it, the continuity beeper is piss poor, its way too quite to be heard above any sort of machinery, why Fluke did this is beyond me, its an Electricians meter we work in noisy enviroments get it FLUKE.
Anyway back to the 289, let me get some the anoyances out of the way, cumbersome and lacks display contrast and that it for me. The likes - I love this meter when all the other meters give in this one shines through, whether it be measuring low ohms (motor windings) or even high ohms - try measuring 100Mohms with a normal meter. The low Impedance function is very useful, even Hold has two functions (normal hold and touch hold) brilliant, diode test yes it can measure a cree, seperate AC and DC mV switch positions, 50000 count which over ranges to about 53000 - this is great if your measuring a value around 50, it dosn't up range a drop of a hat like other meters do, the save function is the main use this meter gets, the ability to store and graph continuous readings is invaluable in my field of work and is worth ever cent spent, a minor let down is the windows based software, it does the job and thats it, it could be more user friendly, I find myself copy and pasting a lot in to Excel. Brilliant job Fluke, 5 stars +.

Fluke is Pomona.  They own them and make them in the same plant as most of their meters.



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