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RIGOL DS1064B Flash to memory S29GL064N90TFI04


I'm having problems with a RIGOL DS 1064B oscilloscope, I upgraded to a newer version. After this upgrade the oscilloscope does not work anymore and the USB ports are no longer active). So on the USB ports I can no longer try anything to downgrade.
Please if you have a software version for flash memory S29GL064N90TFI04 for this type of oscilloscope, I mention that the hardware version is DB4.5.
After this upgrade it shows me software version, I don't remember well but it seems like the version it had before was 02 or 03.
I can rewrite the firmware with the programmer in the flash memory S29GL064N90TFI04.

Thanks to those who can help me, from the bottom of my heart.

Hi. I have a 1064b but with the latest firmware. Everything works. If you still need firmware, please tell me what and on which pinal it can be read and I will do it when I have free time.


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