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German Translation TEST - Tesla 4680 Battery

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This a test of a machine learning system that translates videos into other languages. The company that does this has translated the first 5 minutes of my #1340 video of the Tesla 4680 battery as a test so I can ask my native German speaking audience to vote if it's any good or not.
This is NOT just a google CC translation, it's uses their own proprietary machine learning tech and has been human checked.
If people like it then they can use my videos to teach the machine learning algorithm to match my actual voice, and even reanimate my lips for talking head videos. So the final video would use my actual voice in another language.

Notes from the company that did this:

The video was translated from English into German. Unlike Google Translate, our system does not produce a "one-to-one" translation - e.g. it will attempt to translate phrases, jokes, and idioms in ways that are acceptable to a native German audience. These translations have been Quality Assured by at least one native German speaker.

As I mentioned earlier, because we used one of our "default voices", the vocalizations in this video will not have your vocal characteristics, speech patterns, and cadence. If we end up moving forward together, then we will retrain our AI on your voice which enables our system to produce outputs that do match your specific, high-energy way of talking. This video is mostly so you can feel confident in the translation quality before moving on to next steps.

Lip Reanimation
Here again, this video does not include lip reanimation. If we move forward, our AI can synchronize all the lips in foreign language videos so they are more enjoyable to foreign language audiences. This isn't make or break, but we've found audiences really enjoy lip-synced dubs (what we call "DubSyncs") vs. regular dubs.

Why do Germans always get the pitch wrong? A long time ago I watched an action movie with Sylvester Stallone on German television and they had given him a high pitched girly voice.  :palm:


The translation itself is "good" in a its better then google translate way.

But the structure of the sentences is strange.
For example the first sentence has a strange pause in the middle of the sentence and the end of the first sentence got squished together with the following sentence.
I had to listen a second time to get the meaning correct.
And this weird pauses are all over the whole video.

The whole video is monotone like someone reading the text of an sheet for the first time without understanding it.

There are several words where half of the word gets slurred.
And there is this strange glitch 3:34/3:35 which sounds like the speaker had to burp.

And sometimes the technical term gets translated wrong.
For example:
4:10 Bruchzellen -> the english word here is pouch cells (Bruchzelle could translated in broken / cracked cell)
4:43 Pauzellen -> This isn't even a real word.
I have to be fair, I haven't heard the german version of the term pouch cell (here this type of cell get called LiPo - lithium polymer cell).
But "Beutelzelle" would make more sense in an automatic translation.

If I wouldn't have known that this is an automatic translation, I could have sworn, this is translated & spoken from an person out of the former Soviet/eastern block.

The whole translation screams "scam video / 10 incredible hacks video"
(I always thought, there is a guy in Hungary / Poland,.., making good money translating / dubbing this kind of video )

TLDR.: I wouldn't use this service for a serious video. (Most German speaking people watching technical videos are able to understand english good enough.)

I don't speak German, but I did I don't think I would like to listen to this. Even though it is "German", it doesn't sound German to me. It is a strange, flat, monotone with no expression, lacking the feel of real German speech. You know how non-natives can speak English with perfect enunciation, but they sound wrong? It's like that.

The best comparison I can make is those weird YouTube videos with narration in computer generated spoken English. I just can't listen to them, and I stop them as soon as I hear it is not a real person speaking.

What I would rather do is listen to the original language and read the translated subtitles. That way, at least I can hear the expressiveness of what the speaker is saying in their native language. And the computer generated subtitles are so good these days, that any slight clumsiness or mistranslation is perfectly fine.


--- Quote from: Barny on November 22, 2022, 01:09:39 am ---TLDR.: I wouldn't use this service for a serious video. (Most German speaking people watching technical videos are able to understand english good enough.)

--- End quote ---

FYI, they do other langusages as well, German was just a test because my largest non-english audience is German.


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