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Has Dave found the worlds most unreliable web-host?

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It seems this host is anything but stable. I see a lot of "Service Unavailable" and "database not found" errors. The error state does not seem to last long but it does seem to happen with high frequency.

Or has my router become Forum Phobic?

Yes, are having massive systemic problems with their interface to the Amazon cloud.
They are working frantically on it and hope to have it all fixed by this weekend.
It's not just my site that is affected.


Yeah, today seems to have had particularly high unavailability.
Not that I spend my day on eevblog or anything :-)

I've had no trouble with Amazon's S3 service -- I use it to offsite all
my digital photos automatically. 

Never tried their EC2 service though, but since Amazon is just reselling
their own excess capacity, I have to think their service is reliable.
Then again, who thought would be down for more than a
day, a massive oops by a $2T bank.


Sitecloud have admitted it's a bug in their software, so nothing to do with the reliability of the Amazon cloud network.


This question gets asked every day, I imagine you're fed up with answering it.

Perhaps there should be a banner somewhere which links to a page offering an explanation?


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