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Keysight University Live Test Gear GIVEAWAY!

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Keysight are giving away $300k worth of test gear as part of their Keysight University Live event:

THIS IS NOT THREAD TO POST "I'm in", this is the thread:

PLUS Dave is giving away 5 x DSOX1204G oscilloscopes and one each of the  NEW educational Keysight gear:
EDU34450A 5.5 digit multimeter:
EDU33212A Function Generator:
EDU36311A Power Supply

LINKS COMING SOON to the forum and other giveaways! Check back in a little bit.

As per the video:

And I thought I was the first one to comment  :-DD

i'm the second :P
pretty nice gear, nice of knight to be doing giveaways.

Ooh... very nice.

I'm so jealous of your dumpster!

With my limited electronics knowledge I'm sure I could blow one of those scopes in short order.

Could have used some better equipment to try and decode the signal in order to hack my Greenworks 60V mower.


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