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Live show #5


...was ALIVE! That chat window was going at a frantic pace for most of the session!

Thanks for hosting another one Dave, it was really good to get some questions answered, hear some off-topic banter, and just have a bit of a chat.

The little Hakko looks good, I might be picking one up later this year. Question is though, are the available in Australia in red? :P I'll keep you posted on when I get my Instek scope, hopefully that'll be not too far away.

Much appreciated mate!

Yeah, looks like today's live show was the biggest one so far.
Might have to start taking these more seriously!
I don't think the video capture turned, the sound seems completely out of sync :(


Shame about the capture- You'll loose all those silly effects. At least there was the HD backup camera.

If you don't mind my asking, what sort of PLCs did you work on back in the day?

I've been working with Toshiba EX20+s and Keyance KV24s, programmed using KV Ladder running in DOS... TAFE NSW is keeping up with the modern equipment, as you can see :P

They were Alan Bradley IRRC. It's been more than 20 years, so the details are a tad fuzzy!


will this be up on itunes


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