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Memories of Sydney Electronics Stores & Work Experience at Tandy

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I remember Ellistronics in Melbourne - it was just amazing.  I still have an Ellistonics branded logic probe that I saved up for and bought when I was twelve.

Reading the Durehall thread reminded me of Tandy in the 1980s.

Tandy had a “battery club”, where in return for giving them your name and address (so that they could bombard your mailbox with advertising), you would receive a little plastic card that would give you a free battery every month.  As a high school kid, batteries were expensive, so every month, I’d go to Tandy for my free battery.  I recently found a Tandy 9v zinc carbon battery in an old transistor tester,  Dead flat, must be 40 years old and not leaking!  Take that Duracell.

Apart from that, Tandy was the supplier of last resort.  If I wanted a BC547 and nobody else had one, Tandy would always have them in stock, but instead of buying the one transistor, they’d make me buy five in a little plastic bubble pack.  Grrrr.  For more exotic and expensive ICs, Tandy were great, because the dreaded bubble pack would include a copy of the manufacturer’s data sheet - very useful pre Internet.


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