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Title: MiniPro TL866CS version to A already done but weird issue no data on icsp port
Post by: james101 on September 26, 2016, 02:03:59 am
hello forum i wonder if someone can help us out with this small issue

i got this week a TL866 CS  programmer from ebay and its not the new model A
which of course missing the icsp port

so i got my soldering kit out and follow the instructions and installed my own.

 i follow the guide that radioman did which i would like to say thank you for.
and now the programmer is the A version

the main issue im having is when i go to use the icsp port everything looks good

but when i go to read a pic 16f877a

it reads the check successful no problem.

but there is no data hex or check sum its all blank

so then i go and use the programmer again but use the zif socket instead  and it reads the data and check sum perfect.

very weird issue im having as i see nobody else with the same problem as me.
i have recheck everything the wire and the connector and the programmer is the new A version

minipro v6.50

version 03.2.72


any help on this would be great as im lost what to do next

thank you

whoops i think i posted in the wrong forum could someone move it to the correct location