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No email notifications again

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Ever since the server water/fire incident I have not received a single email notification.

Is something broken again? Or is it expected to work itself out over time as things get back to normal?


--- Quote from: Brumby on April 11, 2021, 03:46:37 am ---I think you'll find all these anomolies are a function of the hurried assembly of bits to get the EEVblog back up.  It's not a permanent situation, so just be patient and bear with it until they can get around to sorting things out properly.

At the moment, just be thankful you are able to get on the EEVblog at all!!

--- End quote ---

Same here.

--- Quote ---I think you'll find all these anomolies are a function of the hurried assembly of bits
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Yes, sure. But it's important to know if that's your opinion or an official statement of fact. We could be failing to report stuff they need to know because someone thinks that's what happens on a jury-rigged setup.

I read information provided on the EEVblog and drew my conclusions from these posts:

--- Quote from: EEVblog on April 08, 2021, 03:41:53 am ---I figured this event needed it's own thread, so moved it from the servere reports thread.
HUGE thanks to gnif for handling this:

The server was down from 2021-04-04 21:13 UTC to 2021-04-08 03:36 UTC

It's currently still operating in a degraded state, and performance is surrently impacted until the caches catch up.
Gorillaservers upgraded the server box (maybe the old box was water damaged?) from Dual Xeon 2620V2 from the older dual L5630
Presumably they'll upgrade the other redundant box too to match, but the 2nd box is not currently online yet.

The lesson here is, whilst it's great to have a fully redundant automatic backup server, it was kinda silly to have it in the same datacenter!
We are going to ask Gorillaservers is they can provision one of the boxes in their LA data center, so if a whole city/state goes out the server will still operate.

I aslo learned the importance of relying on a single email server. I was surprised at the stuff I couldn't do that relied on my primary email for confirmations etc.

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--- Quote from: EEVblog on April 08, 2021, 03:50:05 am ---For those who weren't following along on Twitter, it was eventually confirmed that 2 of the three EEVblog boxes (the ones that handle the website and forum databases etc) were in the "splash zone".
So they took longer to get back up and running than my email/management server box which was in another part of the datacenter and another subnet (it's a different type of box, single xeon instead of dual xeon).
Given that they set us up on a new box (and presumably just pulling the old drives), it's likely the old boxes were either water damaged, or it was simply easier to give us a new box until such time as the old boxes can be evaluated properly.

--- End quote ---

Draw your own conclusions.

I read those and my conclusion was that there is no indication that email from the server is affected (other than in performance terms). Dave's issues with email are a) a separate thing and b) presumably resolved with a restarted server, so why would forum email still be affected?

If TPTB don't want to know about notification issues that's fine, and they have only to say they are aware, or don't care, and it's done. If you're not speaking officially on behalf of them then you are potentially causing more problems than you think your well-meaning, hand-waving dismissal is solving.


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