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I get the subject message on all forums since about two days ago.

I've also seen this the last ~2 days when I go to
"Show unread posts since last visit". I think it happens
when I've been away 8-10-12 hours, but not after maybe
1-2 hours.

My unread topics list just got cleared out... used to have at least two pages but after I posted a reply to a thread it just showed a couple entries.

It seems this new behavior has been going on for a while -- your unread topics list gets reset periodically as if you clicked on "Mark all messages as read".

I've had this happen a few times here, typically when the forum software is brought back online after downtime.

After reading this I went and checked my unread topics list. Since I don't typically logon anymore I don't often clear the list. But I was logged on today and my unread topics list only goes back 2 pages. It seems pretty small.

I can remember it could have been thousands of entries long. So something seems to have changed. Maybe not a bad thing if it is not a bug.


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