Author Topic: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...  (Read 119790 times)

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Re: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...
« Reply #175 on: May 12, 2021, 10:14:51 pm »
Just adding my expereince to this issue.

I while ago I got a DS1052E cheap from eBay as it would not boot at all. It just gave a blank screen - it would not work at all!. Anyway I did the usual checks on the PSU and on board PSU test and I must thank Helene for his hardware studies on this device. Anyway after checking all of this I decided to look at the BlackFin BF532 proc and found it was set up by the BMODE pinns to read from I2C flash chip. Also checked the reset line and clock but I was confused about the zero activity on the I2C of this flash chip. Ithen got hold of a Jtag Tool (Jllink EDU) and wired as directed in previous posts - many thanks for the helpful posts on this thread for setting up Topjtag etc.

From what I now know it seems that not only does the spansion flash chip hold the Firmware for the BF532 but also for the FPGA and possibly the Lattice LCMX0256C - which i think is configured as a memory controller. Anyway when look at the first few thousand bytes of firmware all I got was FF so I thought that the Jtag was not working! so then reomved the Spansion memory chip and then used my TL086 programmer wirh the TSOP 48 adapter to read the firmware. It seem that the Jtag tool was working fine! as all of the initial bytes were at FF up to chip memory address 4FFFF so it looks like that this device had failed in doing a FW update/downgrade.

I then generated a new file joining the firmware from the Rigol forwmare update file (after removing the 21 bytes) and the 2nd half of my original Firmware downladed image. I resoldered the Spansion chi[p back onto the main board and all seemed to work (yippe). Noticed that when adjusting the V/div the trace would jump all over the place. I then re-calibrated the scope but after this it crashed in 2 mins and would not re-start. When it does re-start I was able to re-flash the firmware from USB. Anyway I think the firmware image I created was not quite right.

One interesting point I found was that if I disabled it's data aquisition by presing the run stop to stop with the red LED showing. It seemed to boot more reliably? Anyway I have now reached the limit of what I can do with this repair and I need Dreig's help as he is the person who is able to perform the required magic to the broken firmware images. tried to PM him but I totaly understand that he has a life to lead and may not visit the forum for months on end.

Just adding my 2 cents worth and hopeing that Dreig may be abe to help.

Board has Demo 08 so it's HW version 58
PCB version is 94V-0
Runing version of Firmware.
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Re: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...
« Reply #176 on: June 02, 2021, 05:57:08 am »
Dear Drieg

I am a loser update my Rigol DS1052E to 100M :(
Google lead me to this post when I near give up the DSO. I saw lights in dark.
My DSO's HW version is 03 with firmware 01.02 sp2 originally. Now it's partially working on 04.02.01 and 02.02.02.
Partially working meaning is boot up ok and can enter main menu, but no signal show on screen (no signal line for neither CH1/CH2)
When I do auto-calibration on firmware 04.02.01, screen is blocking on CH1 calibration screen, no moving of progress bar.
When I do auto-calibration on firmware 02.02.02, calibration will finish within 5 min, but still can't see signal line.
I also send you a PM and hope you can help save my DSO.

Thank in advance

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Re: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...
« Reply #177 on: June 04, 2021, 11:44:25 am »
Dear Drieg
since you PMed me. there's a guy who successfully contacted drieg and got his board repaired here... so i highly suggest to contact Drieg and be patient... i've forgotten every steps that repaired my DSO but since you asked, attached is what i think the FW modded by Drieg to repair my DSO, iirc he asked me specific about my DSO serial number or i cant remember what, and then did the mod. so the attached file may work for you or it might not FWIW...
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Re: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...
« Reply #178 on: June 04, 2021, 01:20:24 pm »
Thanks for your sharing. Appreciate very much!
Actually I already PM Drieg for long time. But ten years passed, not sure if he will go back to this blog, everybody has his own life!
So I turn to man who may have the fixed firmware for help.
Anyway, I will compare your firmware with offical one and my mem dump.
Hopes the old DSO can back to life.


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Re: The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...
« Reply #179 on: June 13, 2021, 02:52:58 pm »
Good afternoon everyone, after connecting with dl ds1052e through jtag, according to the steps described in this blog, when internalizing, save the memory with the modified firmware 0.4 downloaded from pages back, at 1mhz, it records it, but when verifying it gives me verification error. Could someone with more experience advise me? Thank you so much

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