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Possible New Dumpster Winner

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I used to own a (low quality) used guitar I sold because I didn't want to spend time learning to play it. I have been sort of regretting getting rid of it. But hey it's ok because last night I found an electric guitar in my garbage room. It had a broken string but I think I can get another. Controls are a bit scratchy but the line voltage is like mic voltage so I don't know what to expect. To date I have found 4 monitors in my garbage room, 3 of which had no problems, one mac router/dsl modem combo, and a few minor bits, and 6 sealed bottles of champagne.

Looks like a Yamaha Pacifica. There is a metal thingy missing, you might want to go back and look for it. [attach=1]


--- Quote ---There is a metal thingy missing,
--- End quote ---
its  a wammy bar,or in polite company tremolo arm.

I was aware of that but I am just learning so I was not expecting it to be a big deal. There is an open hole with no apparent damage so hopefully that is ok. I just went back, but the guitar was on top of a bunch of plastic recycling bins and I did not really look anywhere else. If it was in the real garbage it is under real garbage now and I did a quick look around the bins. nada I was just researching the issue and it looks like some people take it out and stick a block in there to keep it in tune. If that was not the case here I guess I would have to do it. It is a cheap but a bit important effect....

I took the rear plate off and it looks like it was probably unscrewed and removed. I am not seeing damage. I don't know if the threads are still ok. There is a smaller hole on the bottom and you can see through to the opening where it was supposed to go. I've seen a lot of them without them maybe some don't come with it?


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