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Problem with an order.


I know right now this is probably not the right place for this question, but I've tried making contact with private messages and nothing has worked.

I placed an order for a second 121GW at the end of August (stock showed about a dozen units) and the payment (PayPal) with through fine almost immediately.  However there has been no communication since; no order acknowledge or shipping notification.  I've tried private messages to the admin (EEVBLOG) twice over the last few weeks and have received not reply.  I'm about to tell Paypal to go retrieve the funds...  This is so unlike the first order back a couple of years ago where the reply was instant and delivery was quick (at least for a recipient on the west coast of US.)  What did I do wrong?

Yes, I've looked all my SPAM folders and have found nothing.  I've used email as well as eevblog private messages.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I love the product and had great support on the previous one.


Finally received a reply from Dave.  All good.  Seems PayPal told *ME* it had paid, but not EEVBLOG store...

No worries remain.



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