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Product Design FAIL – IDEAL Multimeter

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 ;D   First surprise ... many to follow ..

Even the Fluke 87-5 dances left and right ..  or inclines like a boat ..  ;D 

Thats why I had to use my imagination to solve the puzzle   

But even so there is an fix for this too  .. 
Its just needs two silicone bumbles as stopper , or one rubber anti skate pad..   
But the light weight DMM's , always suffer from balance issues ..

The Fluke 87-5 its an 600 grams brick .. so its not an average comparison point .. simple as that . 

Lets turn this thread in to one full of tips ..   Dave has right about the poor design , but even so ,
here is some pictures as improvements ..

This DMM had anti skate pads from the start , at the low front side .

Even so I added more to it ..

Also the stand should offer 90 Degrees ankle , so any DMM to be stable ..
If not , you have to cut it a bit , so become as 90 degrees ..

This " ProS Kit " was well balanced , so I added only extra pads .

Product Design FAIL – IDEAL Multimeter – Redux

 ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

Something I didn't like is that the test was not made equal, as you can see on the images, the last meter is all the way to the edge of the window and therefore it will not behave the same as the Ideal.

I'm not saying the Ideal is OK, only the test conditions are not the same.



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