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Is there some reason why you would not want to enable throttling at a high temperature just so your system doesn't reboot without flushing drive caches? (That is just in case it got that high) This screen is like my ASUS B350 Plus but is not. You can see at the bottom there someone put in a very conservative setting, I was saying before with my 5900X and a GAMMAX 400, I noticed I would not be able to get rid of the heat, but it mostly works with limiting the Boost Override to a max of 105 watts and max boost frequency of 4.8Ghz. Also I notice 100% cpu load has a different amount of heat with Blender for example than Prime95 is hotter. Again I get 72C max with 100% blender cpu load. You should also watch out for the dimensions of these huge fans you are getting if they hit anything. Really bad idea swapping mount hardware and I would not advise using the center clip for a massive hearsiink, Mine actually does use the center mount like that. It actually has been kind of bugging me since I got that cooler that the retaining clip could snap unlike the original Wraith cooler. That is my computer below. One of the fan LEDs seems to have died and I hope that is ok.

For practical scenarios? I know none.

For benchmark wankery? To be effective, throttling must kick in at a temperature lower than the thermal shutdown temperature. The consequence is losing the very top of the temperature scale, because CPU will never operate in it with throttling. So to squeeze the last cycles out of the hardware, one can’t have this enabled.

Your heatsink is mounted backwards. The fan should push the air through the heatsink, so the PSU/back case fans pump the heat out.
You're running a beefy RTX card + 5900X combo... in a 2005 case?
C'mon, also get a decent case that provides better airflow. There're plenty of NOX cases for $50, with 5-6 fans.
You can get a cheap liquid cooler for $50 or so, they do work pretty nice as the heat is pumped out of the case much better.
Still, modern cpus spike a lot, the dies have gotten smaller so the power can't be evacuated so effectively as older (larger) cpus.

In any case, 72ºC is perfectly fine, newer Ryzens are even worse, they boost all the way up until reaching 95ºC and only then they start slowing down!
90% of computers running stock coolers work at this temperature under load or even higher, it's not a concern at all.
Rising the power of that Ryzen might get you into 5GHz, with much increased power and temperatures, the gain will be marginal.
My i7-3770K ran at 85-90ºC for 10 years, no problem, this was due Intel using crappy thermal paste used instead soldering the die to the IHS like in previous generations.

Any modern CPU can run naked, they will throttle down as required to avoid getting too hot, this is not like in 2000s AMD Athlons where they burned down miserably.

Minor question to the OP how much airflow in and out does that case actually have? Unless it is a lot more than the photo shows likely you are pumping recirculated air past your 5900X instead of fresh cool air.

My 5900X (was 3700X) in the since dust removed case also runs a pair of 180mm fans in the mesh fronted case feeding air in so it handles Aussie Summer temps easily. Coolermaster H500P case btw.

Found a Bench test result I ran with some temperatures shown during the run.

What happened since my message was I noticed that red LED on my fan came on and that lead me to believe there could have been a loose wire. So I took off that old fan and checked it out. There was no obvious problem, but the build quality was pitiful on that fan. My guess was it may have been a bad solder joint, they looked bad. I myself had to solder some LED leads that were just dangling because they were not soldered and they were all nearly shorting out. So I was at the store a while back and thought I should stock up on another cpu fan and got a Corsair one. I just said why not use some decent stuff NOW, and I can get another fan later. So I changed them out and the Corsair does seem to be working pretty well. Here is the new fan and the benchmarks for blender and mprime. All below 80C I think. Mostly well below. Can PCIe transfer cause CPU heat? I was doing GPU render on blender with like near zero CPU load and it was still getting hot.


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