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Get your BIL in again, along with any of the other interviews you have done in the lab.  The two of you together have great synergy.

human computer interfaces.

I would like to see more on these new brain computer interfaces.


--- Quote from: SeanB on March 01, 2022, 09:13:54 am ---Get your BIL in again

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Brother in Law, the patent attorney, that was a great interview.

I have an invite to film at the Siding Spring observatory Dubbo that should be very interesting.
Because it takes some getting there and back, I thought I'd fly in and base myself in Dubbo for a week and make an EEVdiscover "series" of videos.
So I'm looking for interesting technical places (or companies?) a drivable distance from Dubbo.

On the list so far, apart from the SSO, but I haven't contacted them yet are:
Siding Springs Obversatory.
Australia telescope compact array at Narrabri
MOPRA telescope
Wellington Solar farm
The Dish at Parkes

Suggestions welcome!


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