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I'm into audio since I was a kid. You have at least some amount of tube amp builders in your giant country, I have no idea if any are reasonably close to where you are.

Also, there is a company named Burson who makes well-regarded headphone amplifiers mostly (or completely) based on op-amps. Might be worth taking a tour and would definitely be worth hearing your opinion on their builds.

Dave, any chance you might start including Odysee links in parallel to the YT ones when you post a new one here?

I get making the cylinders of carbon, cutting to lengths, inserting leads, etc.

But how did they make Qazillions of em?

Seriously though, how was the process accomplished to avoid all sorts of second operations and handling?  I looked for videos on Internet Archive and such found nothing.

An inquiring mind wants to know.

THANKS for all you have done.

You could do factory tours of electronics manufacturers in Australia.

Workbench safety? How to ground the bench, safety tips, why 300V scope probes are considered unsafe for working on mains-powered equipment... etc.

Why 1M resistors for ESD straps? Why not 500K or 2M?


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