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As mentioned on today's live show, I want to get off my lazy arse and make more EEVdiscover episodes.
I already have a list of some places I want to visit, but if there is something/somewhere you want me to visit then please suggest it. Especially if you have contacts at these places and/or know of people you know will be good on camera explaining stuff.
Obviously it needs to be in Australia, overseas is just out of the question at the moment.
I'm after interesting technology related things that would appeal to a broader audience than regular EEVblog viewers.


HMAS Onslow:

Should not be too taxing, apart from Sidney traffic.

I have attached some photos, including retro computers and Murphy B40s


--- Quote from: Towger on March 20, 2019, 09:33:14 am ---HMAS Onslow:

--- End quote ---

I do like submarines  ;D
Have been on plenty, including the Onslow

Just tried to get access to a potentially cool place nearby, but was denied for security reasons, they don't permit filming or visits to their control room.
I check their Youtube channel and they have a video showing their control room and a tour by a bunch of engineering students  ::)

I suspect the footage was vetted before release.  The students might have been, too.


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