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The Dark Side of the Rigol Hack -- Bricked Scope & How to Fix it...

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Hi everyone I want to help everyone on this topic.
I would remove the flash memory and do a full flash backup using an RT809H or TL899, or similar on my machine in normal use
You load into your Rigol DS1052E, the machine will use normally. All software version serial numbers will of course be mine.
If you agree, I will back up my device and send it to you. Thread may end and this is the final solution and 100% working

I dont mind sharing my serial with you if you can send me a working 8mb dump flash file for my ds1052e magically.. i bought tl866ii programmer and try to remake my FW all sort of combo from the file Drieg sent me 11 years ago, but i still cant get the dso working back. I suspect there are data beyond the 4mb fw boundary that necesarry for calibration, without the knowledge, it seems a futile hack effort. I desolder and resolder the flash twice already, now its laying around while i'm thinking what other trick to do... drieg no reply..

And errr according to drieg last time.. calibration data is different across HW revisions, so if you simply dump your dso, its not necassry working in my older HW revision dso.

My machine can't adjust the trigger to make the signal stable, maybe hardware failure. Can someone tell me what to check?

Status here

here full fLASH 8Mb
Firmware update 100Mhz

I was able to restore my 1052E from the dump file gave by UOEMX.
FW Version now is
However, I cannot upgrade to 100Mhz. Maybe I need to downgrade the FW to 2.04.
I tried both thru Serial command and USB FW but no luck.

Anyway, for now I will just keep my scope running on 50Mhz. Thank you UOEMX!


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