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uCalc PCB manufacturer?


Where did you get that nice black uCalc PCB manufactured? Most budget PCB manufacturers don't allow for internal cuts like that big cut out for the LCD. I'm curious about trying to add an LCD to my project, but I don't know where to get a PCB like that manufactured cheaply.

Is the uCalc really the same shape and size of a credit card? It looks slightly bigger to me in the video, but hard to tell. Could you hold up it next to a credit card if you ever show uCalc again in a future video?

Very nice project. I would like to have one of those calculators one day. I love my HP 48G, but I've always felt the base conversions are kind of clumsy. It would be great to have an open source calculator where I can streamline my typical use cases for more efficient use.

I believe this one was from PCBCart.

Most PCB houses are able to produce cutouts in boards at an increased cost.


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