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University of NSW Electronics Lab & Makerspace Tour


A tour of one of the electronics teaching labs and the makerspace at arguably the best electronics engineering university in Australia, UNSW. With Associate Professor Torsten Lehmann.

00:00 - A tour of the UNSW electronic lab with Torsten Lehmann
02:57 - Why they chose the R&S RTB2000 oscilloscope
03:49 - Remotely interactive demo boards
04:52 - Does university teach practical skills any more?
08:41 - For the Siglent fanboys
10:50 - Soldering station
12:16 - Practical projects
15:13 - Thesis and learning to play an instrument analogy
16:39 - The 400kV High Voltage Lab
17:22 - Power systems laboratory
18:33 - Power electronics and drives laboratory
19:42 - Maker Space

Interesting. Enjoyed it.


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