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What's the keywords for finding a yellow spudger like Dave has?

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I tried searching on ebay and aliexpress, but I can't seem to figure out what the correct keywords are. I'd like a set of 10 identical ones if possible.

What I have found are blue and orange ones. Yuck, it must be yellow!  ;)


Kim Christensen:
Why don't you post a screen grab of Dave using his yellow spudger... Maybe someone will recognize it.

Have you tried "yellow spudger" ?

As requested, here's a picture. I don't think I've ever seen the full thing, just that end.

--- Quote ---Have you tried "yellow spudger" ?
--- End quote ---

I'd feel really stupid if I hadn't tried that. That being said, sometimes these search engines can be finicky. You can search for the exact item number and not get results until you give the search engine a bigger hint.

I've found the green ones ...

you can also choose your color by making your own ...


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