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WiGL Wireless Power BUSTED AGAIN



if only 1 percent of it works then its a marketing opportunity for some.  ::) like buying land on Mars, its all in the future.
gullibility has never been more popular.

I have been trying to figure out how you could do a wireless power link and came up with some general abstractions.

1) The objective is to transfer 'energy' from one point to another point without wires
2) There is the tendency of loss through a medium
3) It is best to be a tight beam as to not disperse the energy to the surrounding area

So I was thinking it may be possible to in fact work, as a tight beam that can only be captured with a certain configuration of matter. There may be nothing that fits that definition. If you found a totally good way to capture neutrinos for example that would be an example of a beam of matter that does not lose energy to the transmission medium it passes through.

So anything meeting that definition would then probably have possible side effect captures that would make it a health risk.

Maybe a non existing spatial portal method could also work.

You can do it by making the receiver ridiculously big. That's what the theoretical satellite microwave power links depend on. Relatively low power density, bright sunlight level but always there. Doesn't make them practical, just less lethal.


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