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X-Carve Live Build 4 -> Re Terminal Blocks vs Stranded wire
« on: August 04, 2015, 01:10:59 pm »
Dear Dave2 / SpareDave / DaveBackup,

You mention here:

That you hate terminal blocks, specifically with stranded wire. I partly agree with you on your rantings. There are great types of terminal blocks that are great for applications such as the CNC machine (less bending/vibration tension, compared to solder joints), especially if you need to pull wires through somewhere and you don't expect the builder to have crimping tools for connectors. Such blocks would be the type that pull the metal block up on the screw, or quick-insertion/easy-release blocks without screws.

But since nobody else seems to use those any more (because $0,02 difference) I can only tell you, get these for the lab, it'll make you much happier in the long run using other people's designs (or cheaper alternatives, but Knipex is the bomb):

(I posted Farnell links, but the stuff is available everywhere, really. Though the multicomp ferrules for their price hold up better than I expected)

They're actually mandatory in some areas of installation tech over here, since soldered connections or single core wires are very unreliable in vibrating connections (such as CNC machines might be  ;) and generators and such certainly are)
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Re: X-Carve Live Build 4 -> Re Terminal Blocks vs Stranded wire
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 01:13:45 pm »
Ferrules are the correct solution to stranded wire in most screw terminals, indeed.

Cage clamp (screwless) terminals also work well, and rising clamp is quite suited to larger fine stranded wires.

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