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Youtube Video Notification Issue?-Burn out??
« on: August 12, 2019, 05:41:17 am »
I don't see any comment on your most recent video. I don't know why it's down, I can make a lot of guesses..Mostly based upon what is happening around my world.

........WARNING! this is a long entry....

Typical slowdowns in August are:
1.-people on vacation,
2.-more family focused.
3.-preparing for fall, school and 4th quarter of business year. Most of us still have world outside of our hobbies..
4.-For many this is the time we tend to prepare, psych up for post Labor Day in the USA
Currently in US aside from this time of year:
5.-economic slowdown, and potential personal impacts.
6.We have a president who prefers to be belligerent with other nations, WE have more lawsuits between State and federal governments going on than the US has every had in it's history, all these happening right now at the same time.
7.-An upcoming election campaign, still 15-13? months away, which will be the most contested in perhaps this countries history. Left and right are paying close attention to the dem debates.
8. China/US trade is a greet concern for all of us, possible good, unintended negative consequences we are learning may be worse.
-Chinese Americans are really distressed about what is happening in HK
9.-southern border may be affecting south and central Americans, and now Japanese Americans have been getting really upset, visceral concerns on what the US did during WW2.

Misc stuff:
-I have just learned S.Korea and Japan is "bickering" about trade and other matters..May be racist towards each other, but over the last 70 year s they have been able to set that aside and work together.

-There are so many other events going on around the world, that unless, you are multi-general white, and unless you live in a mostly white world, man Americans are concerned and worried about their overseas families, and historical homelands. Remember, we are still a nation of immigrants.
-Much of these concerns are affecting what time we can spend on other interests has diminished...There are Americans that would not worry about this stuff, that are beginning to now  feel it is really hitting home.
-The places where there is little disruption, I can only guess: burn out? or maybe just giving themselves a break?

1.) I cannot go on FB anymore., It is now all personal calls on phone/Skype. So many personal friends across the political and economic lines within the US, and abroad.,
 I may be white, with a history here before we were a nation. Yet most of my friends/family are of color..
We who are without color..LOL!!  8)get it? without color? :palm: LOL!

2.) I myself now only check this forum as quickly as possible, and avoid the other electronics channels. (except w2aew,  I have downloaded a whole series of Oscilloscope videos to spend several months learning my scopes in detail)

I tend to get so excited about new areas of electronics, that I just have to tune out
- I am way ahead of myself, I mean wayyy ahead of myself,- I need to focus on on learning and developing what I already what I already have learned,

In Summary as to my guesses regarding the low numbers on this last YouTube are:
I would not worry about this figures...yes, YouTube keeps changing their stuff, and it is irritating, but my guess it that after Labor day in the US, the figures will bounce back. Your audience is different than the mainstream world, but so much is beginning to affect all of us personally.

In short, I will say: relax, "chill", just keep doing what you are doing, and it will turn around. maybe find a new product idea, "quick and dirty" as in the ucurrent and usupply to et a nice $$ bump up come September.
Another bright side. Due the problems in HK, and London, Melbourne and Sydney are seeing  really nice rise in economic power growing into significantly greater players as global financial centers! Aussie economy looking positive going forward!

I would really love to hear from electronic enthusiasts, old-timers, and retired professionals from other parts of the world. What they feel their reasons may be.
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