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I am looking at buying a large vintage electronic item located in Melbourne. Whilst I am considering spending 2 days to drive from Sydney and back and pick up in person, another thought is to have the seller drop it off at a Pack and Send store and let them handle the packaging and delivery.

Has anyone used them before, and if so, how well did they protect the item, and how was the experience? Also, can the seller simply drop it off and leave it to me to arrange payment for the packaging and freight costs?

The seller doesn't usually deal in vintage equipment, so I would rolling the dice on whether they would be able to pack it well enough to survive the trip.

I used them to send a HP3457a from Perth to Keysight and had no complaints. Dropped it off and the agent took one look and said "We know how to pack that" and I trusted them to do so.

It's probably less about how well they package it and more about if it suffers a unusually severe drop while in transit, which is more of a roll of the dice.

Personally i would go and pick them up myself

you really know or need to know how to pack things well

the most solid and protective i've seen so far is the inflating foam ...  when it carefully mold itself around the part   

normally you need to survive 1 meter drop ???

i receive so many things form japan, china, vietnam, and man the box are almost opened up, tear. recycled cardboard who's easy to rip   etc ... and a cheap 1/2 inch protection inside ... made so many complaints

They're pretty good, and since they're professionals who do this every day they'll likely have the know-how and experience to do a vastly better job of packing something than you can.  When I've used them to ship stuff I've had no complaints about the quality of the packing.  One thing I would do though is tell them that it's an antique item and may need special handling, typically they'll give you a range of options and prices that you can pick from for the packing and shipping.

Even in terms of shipping costs if you pack it yourself, it may end up costing you more because they deal directly with the freight companies and can get pretty good prices through that.


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