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(AUS) Vacuum Fluorescent Display s 11-digit at Jaycar for $2.95

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I spotted these at my local Jaycar this morning for only $2.95 each, so grabbed a few. They are probably cheaper direct from China, but not a bad price for a retail store.

Haven't seen VFDs for sale since the late 90's... now I just have to figure out what I should build to make use of them...

Does the leaflet recommend a suitable driver chip? Does Jaycar sell it?

Wow, must grab. Which shop was this? Might be a manager special.  :(

Here it is:

Digits are just 6mm high and 3.5mm wide.

Price breaks: 1-9$2.9510-24$2.6025+$1.95

Ah, should have known they would abbreviate fluorescent to fluoro.


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