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Sold: [CH/EU] HP 3314A 20 MHz function generator


I'd like to sell a HP 3314A function generator. It's a newer version with the rubber keyboard and a factory calibration sticker in 1992. I kept it for some time, but now I'm getting serval Rigols & Siglents (poor man's R&S  :-\) and need to reclaim some desk space for them. It's in very nice condition but it's a bit too old for my taste. It apparently it still works fine up to the extent I used it and tested it. However, no return, I'm busy with a 130% day job and don't want waste time arguing. One known problem is it no longer remembers the last settings, apparently the internal battery is dead. It's still with its original feet (compatible with other HP gears from that era, 3457A for example).
Asking for 80 EUR/CHF and shipping cost (weighs around 8kg) from Lausanne (I'm an expat). Offers are welcomed, if you really need a generator and have a so tight budget, it can go for 42 EUR.

Sold to a user in Germany.

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