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[For Sale] Power Supply HP E3610A and Function Generator HP 8111A


Richard W.:
Both are in a very good condition. They are for Sale due to lack of time...

Function Generator:
Power Supply:

as well as
Fluke 177:

Fluke 289 with Software and USB-Cable:


already found the power supply :P

Richard W.:
shipping within europe is no problem  :D 

i have no experience with shipping worldwide, but should be possible. I'm confident.

M. AndrĂ¡s:
the first picture with the unit info screen on the 289 little risky if you didnt register it someone else would due to the shown serial :) without buying and claim that it was stolen :)

Richard W.:
The Function Generator is still available on ebay!

Some more pictures can be seen here:

I can't believe that nobody is interested in that magnificent piece of equipment?!
Very good condition, no problems at all.

I ship worldwide!

Please feel free to ask any question and make me some offers :)



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