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[FREE] [SYDNEY AUS] TV / Server Power Supply PCBs


I do a fair bit of repair so I kept these for spare parts, but I'm looking to move soon and want to cut down on stuff.

Does anyone want them? Otherwise they'll go in the ewaste.

Probably goes without saying, but best to assume these boards have faults.

Pickup Sydney, NSW 2044.  ;)

I still haven't touched the stuff I got from Dave's recent move...

I'd better pass (though you do have some useful heatsinks there).   ::)


--- Quote from: Brumby on June 13, 2021, 09:22:41 am ---I'd better pass (though you do have some useful heatsinks there).   ::)

--- End quote ---

Don't say that, you'll talk me into keeping them.  ;D

I'll hold onto them for a bit, I'm not in an immediate need to get rid of them. But I do need to cut down on items, probably going to list some old test gear next weekend.

Ha, I have a pile of flatscreen TV boards just like those.

What sort of 'old test gear'?
I'm in 2213, driving into the city is easy enough. Could come in and look. You could probably talk me into taking the PCBs too. Wouldn't make much difference to the 'to be stripped' pile size.
PM if you want, otherwise I might not see a reply.


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