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Hi! so i won one of the gift codes keysight gave away in their PCB art video. Unfortunately, the PCB i wanted to have printed exceeded the amount of the coupon, which at first i thought it didn't, and i can't pay the extra money, and also didn't come up with another project i could use that in, so i'm giving away the code, it's a 20$ gift code. Not posting the code here to avoid any possible bot from grabbing it or something like that. Just leave a comment asking for it (hopefully you will use it, i don't know when it expires but i think it won't last forever) and i'll send it to you in a PM. I don't feel like judging comments to make this into a contest-like thing, so i'll do like keysight did and send it to the first person to comment asking for it.  :)

I would be interested


--- Quote from: giacomo on May 13, 2021, 12:19:22 pm ---I would be interested

--- End quote ---

sent it to you! enjoy!


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