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[SOLD] Keysight U1282A used 10min - MINT - $400

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Another classic impulse buy.
Saw it on for cheap and got it home, but I always grab my BM869s if I need a portable DMM.
Time to let it go, come with IR USB port and brand new Keysight DMM probes.
Tested working, can't find any defect on it. It even still has the plastic foil on the display.

    IP67 certified water and dust resistance withstands harsh environments and drops up to 10 feet
    60,000 counts resolution and 0.025% basic DCV accuracy
    Continuity tests with visual and audio alerts
    Built-in Low Pass Filter for accurate VFD troubleshooting
    Vsense alerts in the presence of high AC voltage
    Stay productive with 800 hours of battery life
    Built-in square-wave generator
    CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V Overvoltage Protection

More Details here:

Asking $410 shipped to US lower state, others please ask.

Now on Ebay:

honest review here:


That is an extremely impressive multimeter, great accuracy and 60k count, and fast (for a handheld!) data logging over USB, and very long battery life. There's also a Bluetooth module that is worth buying for it; the mobile software is quite nice, it allows user-defined formulas (so you could plug in a thermistor formula for instance, to measure and chart temperature, or attach any other sensor and view measurements in real-time in the correct units). I found that module also handy for automotive use, for example crank the engine, and see the voltage dip/rise etc on the battery on a chart, on a mobile phone while sitting inside the car.

Minor negative: there are a ton of features, so many that it takes delving into the user manual to recall how to access them.

I'd want to buy that if I didn't already have one. To be honest, I'd rather sell all my other handheld meters and keep the U1282A.


--- Quote from: shabaz on June 06, 2024, 05:06:55 am ---I'd want to buy that if I didn't already have one. To be honest, I'd rather sell all my other handheld meters and keep the U1282A.

--- End quote ---

Perfectly understandable for you.
It depends on the user needs AND personal taste... anyway I agree, Keysight has packed tons of features in this little box.

The U1282A is an excellent meter and its accessories are very reasonably priced. One can't go wrong buying it.

Good luck with your sale, Zucca!


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