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[FS] huge lot of rpi gear (zero w & 2w, rpi 3, vilros kits, etc) [price reduced]


Hey all, up for sale are a ton of extra raspberry pi's and related accessories. I really love raspberry pi but I just simply don't need all of these (don't ask how many I am keeping)

5x raspberry pi zero W (2021)
3x raspberry pi zero W (2017)
1x raspberry pi zero (2015)
3x raspberry pi 3 model B v1.2 (all with cases)
4x complete unopened Vilros raspberry pi zero W kits (includes rpi zero w, case, charger, heatsink, hdmi adapter, headers, camera module adapter, etc)
9x Vilros raspberry pi zero W cases (same cases that come in the above kits)
4x raspberry pi zero 2.5A power units with inline on/off switch

All of the above are brand new condition, never used, except for the raspbery pi 3 model B's. These have just been used in some pretty basic server applications, no intensive compute / stressful operation or anything of that nature

I believe the retail value of all this together is close to $500. I would ideally like to sell everything together for $350, shipping included to anywhere in USA. I am also open to offers

I could be willing to part it out in smaller bundles (i.e. all the complete vilros kits, all the model 3's, etc) but please do not ask to buy one singular raspberry pi or one singular power unit


I have a bunch of heatsinks I can add into the bundle as well no extra cost, and various cables like 3:1 micro usb extenders, hdmi adapters, etc. If there is some accessory you'd like added to the bundle, let me know and I surely have plenty I can let you have

bump with price reduction

bump, I would be willing to part out the bundle as I understand the average person likely has no need for so many rpis


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