Author Topic: [SOLD] Tektronix TLA6402 68 Channel Logic Analyzer - help? [MORE]  (Read 493 times)

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Hi there.  I'm actually hoping someone can help me figure out a fair price for this thing.  If I'm being honest, I don't fully understand what it's even for.  Someone pointed me here for advice.  It looks like the only legit-looking listing on eBay has it for 9 grand by itself.

The one I have includes what seems to be about $2,500 worth of probes and extra gear, plus a Tektronix cart made for this thing.  It's got:
2 bags TPP1000 probes
P5910 probe or connector thing
accessory kit 020-2662-01
dust protector
documents and manuals
keyboard/mouse and cover

It looks great - clean as hell and boots up fine.  I'm not even positive if the thing was used.

This seems to be a fairly niche item, and from what I can tell, most people buy much smaller logic analyzers for under 2 or 300 bucks.  Should I list this stuff to match the eBay guy's price? Or would I just end up sitting on it for months?  I could use the cash and am not too greedy - maybe I should just start an auction at around 5k and hope it goes higher?

Any advice or input would be appreciated - thanks!

Edit to add a picture.  Excuse the messy background - my little office/eBay warehouse is packed and messy.
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Re: [FS] Tektronix TLA6402 68 Channel Logic Analyzer - help? [MORE]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2022, 04:36:39 pm »
Wanted to sell a TLA5204B myself. No one will pay the price you're asking. These are such special machines... keep them and enjoy them. Otherwise you only make minus!
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Re: [FS] Tektronix TLA6402 68 Channel Logic Analyzer - help? [MORE]
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2022, 05:34:49 pm »
OK, I'm not in the market for this sort of kit, it's way out of my budget as it's a really expensive piece of kit you have there.

Thing to bear in mind is that the people selling them tend to be equipment brokers so they ask top dollar prices and warranty the equipment.

From what you've said I'm going to guess you're not able to test and validate what you have so anyone buying it is taking a big risk that it's working.

For such an expensive piece of kit that's a big red flag against laying out what is a signficant chunk of cash, so, I think you're probably going to have to take quite a bit less or leave it up for sale for quite some while.

It may be an absolute bargain for someone if you do sell for a lot less but I hope you'll take a good profit from it
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Re: [FS] Tektronix TLA6402 68 Channel Logic Analyzer - help? [MORE]
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2022, 06:36:17 am »

If you look at the datasheet, you will see that this device is focussed on DDR2/DDR3 memory design.
As this type of memory is surpassed by newer standards, these analyzer have become obsolete in the industry.

These high-end devices are specifically created for design and product(ion) verification and are a brilliant piece of equipment.
That said, it now is 'just' a generic logic analyzer, a clunky and noisy unit, big on ones home lab desk.
Still very usefull with high speed logic design though.

Smaller, although less high speed, PC / USB driven analyzer are very affordable.
And feature all kinds of serial decoding whigh this TLA6402 does not support (as far i can tell from the datasheet)

Compared to the vast community of embedded cpu engineers and hobbyists, logic designer numbers are small.....
Thus demand will be limited.

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