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[SOLD: CH/EU] Metrawatt Metrahit BD232 RS232-IR adapters

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Trash dump find: is there anyone in Europe owns Gossen/Metrahit meters and interested in Metrawatt Metrahit BD232 RS232-IR adapters? I got a few and can send them to anyone interested at the shipping cost (maybe +5 EUR for the packaging and trip to the post office, if you want to offer).
They are from a trash dump so obviously no guarantee on functionality although they are physically in perfect condition. I have no Metrahit meters to test them as well.

Deadline: early next week. If no one shows interest before then, these will be returned to the trash dump.

normally when functioning  they where sold pretty high priced in the past,  i know  loll

they where made for series like metrahit 28 29 29s  ...

maybe post them on german ebay    europe ebay ??

Hi, I'm very interested since I have 4 MetraHit DMMs, a 16S, 16U, 22S and 29S. Since I am also a fan of Test Controller supporting logging to a PC I hope we can reach a deal. I am based in The Netherlands.

I want one too for my meter :)
PM sent.

well   loll they are gonna go fast   goood


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