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[FS/Germany]: Thermal Cores, Power Supplies, LTE UE Simulator



I need to get rid of some stuff:

* 3 Raytheon Thermal Cores, those are older ones with composite out. They all work. 100€ / pcs
* 55+ AME60-24SVZ AC/DC modules. The modules are all new, the project got cancelled. Original price is around 19€/pcs, I would like to get 550€ for all of them.
* Aeroflex LTE UE simulator. This was pulled from a larger installation and I intended to play around with it. Got no time to do that so here it is for sale ;) Looking for 500€
All prices are without shipping. The power supplies and the Aeroflex system are very heavy, so I will only ship them to Europe. Same goes for the thermal cores as I'm not sure about export regulations. I can offer a tax invoice if needed.

Photos can be found here:




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