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Folks, we've got a 'spare' Fanuc robot that we used for some experimentation a while back that we no longer need, and we'd like to see the back of it. It's in Gouda, NL. If there is anyone who would be interested in it and they can arrange for it to be picked up SAFELY then PM me and we'll arrange something.  To be clear; This is a freebie, it will come with no warranty or certainties whatsoever and you should undertake your own safety assessments on it etc. You also need to be aware that it's a heavy beast but it might be nice for a uni research group or something that can get it running again safely. Here's a video of it at 'jog' speed, which is about as slow as it normally goes;

let me announce interest. I can guarantee that the robot will NOT be sold until I die.


Goeie avond,
Good evening,
I am a Luxembourgish teacher and at this moment I’m the head of our local MakerSpace.
Iwould like to express my interest for this robot, in order to use it as well for the MakerSpace as well ss for secondary school students of it-classes to learn programming real life robots using different type of movement algorithms.
I would be more than glad to hear from You.
Thank You in advance and kind regards from Lycée du Nord at Wiltz/ Luxembourg
Frans Zuidberg, head of IT Department

The price is right, but the transport would be fun.  (Not to mention the reception it would get from others in the household ... <no names mentioned  ::) > )

to explain furhter: I would use the robot to write some scienitific newspaper articles, make stories for my Instagram and make YouTube videos,

So, a teaching effect for the community is ensured.



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