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For sale Rohde & Schwarz SMC100A Signal Generator
« on: August 06, 2021, 03:29:26 pm »
For sale Rohde & Schwarz SMC100A Signal Generator
I’m asking $3100 or I'm open to offers

The R&S SMC100A offers outstanding signal quality at an attractive price. It covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz. Output power is max 19 dBm. All important functions (AM/FM/φM/pulse modulation) are already integrated in the instrument. This makes the R&S SMC100A signal generator a flexible and versatile instrument.

•   Frequency range 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz
•   Maximum output level +19dBm
•   Output level range -120 dBm to +19dBm
•   Optional high-stability reference oscillator
•   Analog modulation modes (AM/FM/φM/pulse) integrated as standard
•   Integrated overvoltage protection
•   Wear-free electronic attenuator
•   Minimized total cost of ownership
•   Graphical user interface
•   Block diagram user interface

The unit is in excellent condition. The display is bright and very sharp. The only visible signs of use are a scratch on the top and a small tear in the plastic.

No other defects are known.

This is a private sale, so warranty and return are excluded. However, I will take the device back within a test period of 14 days if serious defects are found contrary to expectations. The return shipping will be at the buyer's expense.

Detailed pictures available on request

Please let me know if you have questions
Thank you!
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