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[MOVED] Eridani Development board (LM3S3651)


Hey guys I have been here under another name for a while but I just launched a little website for some of my more generally useful boards and things, so I wanted to use the same name everywhere....

Anyway I have a little development board for LM3S3651 which I named Eridani.

It is pretty much everything you need and nothing you don't. JTAG interfaces for 10/20 pin ARM plus pin outs for some more popular TTL/CMOS serial coms. The chip is an ARM cortex M3 running up to 50 MHz. 32K/128K memory, and USB OTG/HOST/DEV. I am using it to develop host applications mostly, but I have some GPIO stuff in mind too.

The peripheral library for Luminary chips is quite good if you have never used it before.

I wrote a bunch of documentation for the board including how to set up free toolchains, you can find it here:

If you want to order one the you can get one on the main part of the site:


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