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[now SOLD]Rigol DS1052E $300.00 USD plus shipping

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I'm selling my barely used and in mint condition Rigol DS1052E converted to 100 MHz.

The sales package includes:
- Rigol DS1052E
- Two 60 MHZ HP probes, I know I know how come the oscilloscope is converted to 100 MHZ with 60 MHz probes ? Is what I have
- I will give a Husky tool case where the oscilloscope fits perfectly
- All the documentation and CDs included
- USB and serial cables

Buyer is responsible to pay shipping and no handling for this !

Where are you located?? (To determine shipping)

San Diego, Ca. USA.

Since the unit is already sold, I need to delete this post, but I was not able to do it.

Admins please help me with the issue.


I don't see any need to delete it, surely just saying you've sold it is good enough?


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