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[UK] Voltech PM1000 AC Power Analyser


Hi, Selling my Voltech PM1000 as it hasn't been used in years. Was calibrated in 2014 and pretty much sat on shelf since.

It's in full working order, switched it on tonight to get the photos. Great condition and been looked after.

Doesn't come with any cables but easy enough to make up as it just takes banana plugs.

Currently near Derby, UK but happy to post in the UK.

Only thing is I have no idea how much it's worth as when them come up the prices vary so much.

Let me know if you have an idea what it's worth or if your interested make me an offer.

Datasheet can be found here



* Easy to use-fully autoranging for voltage, current and frequency
* Accurate measurements of real power (W) and apparent power (VA) even with distorted waveforms
* Displays real power factor
* True RMS measurement of voltage (2V to 700V AC) and current (20mA to 20A AC)
* Computes the crest factor (Pk/RMS) of input voltage and load current
* Harmonic analysis of current and voltage waveforms for checking conformance to specifications Wide frequency range - from DC to 20KHz
* Determines peak inrush current of motors, transformers, power supplies and similar loads

I've listed it on eBay now feel free to make an offer on here or there

Reduced to £350 on eBay

Last bump on this one. Hoping it's of interest to someone. Make me an offer.


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