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(UK only) Wanted: old unwanted/spare analogue scope

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Hi chappies! :)

I wasn't sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I am desparately seeking a used, working analogue scope, of anything above 20Mhz. I live in the UK and can pay carriage (I am from Northants) but I really don't have a lot of ££ to spare. eBay is a no for me, as I simply don't like it - don't ask, it's just out of the question.

If anyone has a spare analogue scope in working order, please do let me know (UK only).

Thank you all so very much, and Happy New Year - God bless you :)

Dough, I saw one at Peacock's auction, in Bedford, just before Christmas and would've told you, if you'd asked this a couple of weeks ago.

My advice is try ebay.

If you dont like ebay why don't you use another auction site. I'm sure the UK has plenty of UK-only online auctions sites.

Ernie Milko:
Its worth looking on Friday-Ad.

Sorry, I missed the bit where you said no ebay but why? Are you worried about buying something you're not happy with? You could arrange with the seller to go and see it working, then you could give them cash in hand if you're cheeky or go through PayPal and ebay if you really want piece of mind.

Have you tried looking in the local paper? I suppose it's a 'scope is a bit too specialist for that.

When I started electronics over 15 years ago the answer would've been to buy some electronics magazines from somewhere like Maplin and looking at the advertisements but they're all gone now. :(


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