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Again: [US] Altera EPF8282ALC84-4 on boards, just pay shipping.


I have been cleaning out my old ATM network gear. Nobody will ever use these, so I sent the large pieces to a recycler. And now I am going through the smaller parts.

I have a lot of network cards to throw away. This type has an Altera EPF8282ALC84-4, two Toshiba TC528267J-70, and two Whitetree chips. I may have a few dozen.

If anyone wants them for parts, I will send them for the cost of shipping.

Update: Looks like these have been claimed. Glad to keep them out of the landfill.

Hello Rhodges, I'm building a retrocomptuer and interested in repurposing the CPLD and VRAMs to build a video generator and MMU. Do you still have any boards left?

Yes, I have boards. And earlier today, I used a heat gun to drop the FPGA from a board. How many boards would you like?

Update: Here is a photo of one.

Update: The boxes I thought had more of these have other (worthless) cards. I have 7 of these available. I know they are not worth much, and if I don't get any interest, I will send them to the landfill.

It's a pity. Two decades ago, I thought ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) networking with its guarantees would be perfect for streaming video. Now I have to spend my time just disposing of the cards. The cardboard boxes are worth more than the electronics.


I just found four more of the boards with the EPF8282ALC84-4 and two that have Altera EPF81188AQC208-4 and EPF8636ALC84-5.


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