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[US] Donner 3500 for parts, needs a good home

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I have the mainframe of a Donner 3500 "portable" analog computer. It is missing all the amplifier cards, which was unknown to me until I acquired it, and that makes it suitable for parts or decoration only, unless someone out there has some amps for it.

I would love to find a good home for it, or at least see it go to someone who can use it to repair or maintain another one. Please contact me if you have any interest. It will be free to the right person willing to pay for shipping (I estimate >15 kg).


What a BEAUTY!!!! It's a pity that I live a continent away!

I have no space for it and no use for it so I am not the right person, but that thing is super cool. I hope somebody can restore it to working condition.

I got it from my brother-in-law, who was clearing out an estate. I had him send it to me, but had I known that all the amps were missing, I would have not bothered. The amp are essential to the integrators, and the whole point of analog computers is to solve differential equations with integrators. So, the chassis has the readouts, power supplies, user interface (that's all the knobs, lights, banana jacks, etc.), but without the amps there's not much to be done. I was pretty bummed when I opened it up to find them missing :(.


Well it seems like something that wouldn't be too hard to replicate in terms of function, is there documentation available showing how the amplifier modules worked? The chassis with the user controls is half the battle.


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