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*SOLD* [US] FS: HP 3468A 5 1/2 digit bench multimeter - I'm selling on Ebay



Auction ends Monday 2021-10-18 at 8 PM Pacific / 9 PM Mountain / 10 PM Central / 11 PM Eastern

I'm sure you can find a better deal on one, but this one is 100% functional, 100% original, fairly clean, and I'll actually pack the damn thing well so you won't get a box of test equipment pieces and two foam peanuts. Readings compare well to my other bench meters (nothing I own is calibrated). PM me and I'd be glad to run tests for you, take additional pictures, or jump through hoops.

I'm selling because it only measures up to 300V (by design) and most DUTs on my bench have vacuum tubes in them.



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