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[SOLD] Agilent 34461A - MINT - TESTED OK - $600

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The glorious successor of the legendary 34401a, you can't go wrong.
Single owner=me. Gently used... like new.
It still has the display foil on it.

$600 + shipping.
$620 for US lower states.

Device only without power cord.

Tested okay comes with cal certificate at purchase time, CDs and all Agilent docs delivered with it.

Reason for selling: I have too many bench DMM...

some videos:

Is that $620 total, delivered to the lower 48 US states?

Yes, it will be dropped off tomorrow if I get the money today.

Is this available? I will send the funding within a moment of reply. I have purchased many items from here for my collection and would love this one.

I forgot my other account itsbiodiversity but i can assure you i'll pay immediately.


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