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[SOLD] joulescope JS110 1.5 na precision DC energy analyzer [price reduced]

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Listing on Ebay:

I have an extra joulescope model JS110, barely used at all (took out of carrying case max 5 times). Comes with carrying case, screwdriver, and two alternative front panels. Great tool compatible with linux windows mac, really convenient and easy to use. Bought brand new for $1100. Asking $625 (including shipping) but negotiable on price, contact me if interested and we can work something out.

here is a quick summary of specs, you can read more at the website here:

-1V to 15V voltage range
-1A to 3A current range, continuous (10A pulses)
1.5 nA resolution, equivalent to 32-bits of dynamic range
250 kHz bandwidth with 2 million samples per second, 14-bit, simultaneous current and voltage
Rapid 1 μs switching between shunt resistors for seamless dynamic current measurement
Computes power and total energy
Sensor ports electrically isolated from USB


guys, bargain! Can please somebody jump on it so I can sleep again at night?

Mr. Scram:

--- Quote from: Zucca on November 22, 2023, 04:10:27 am ---

guys, bargain! Can please somebody jump on it so I can sleep again at night?

--- End quote ---
The offer isn't the problem, it being from an account with a single post is.

Use paypal non-friends and family, specify shipment method and declaration, record yourself opening the box, and it should be OK.

Any way I can validate myself or improve my credibility? I am trying to sell this piece of gear, ebay nor craiglist have been helpful. I fear it's application is too niche for most people to want to buy in those marketplaces, not sure. Someone on reddit suggested I post here and it's my first time making an account for this site

If there is any way I can make myself seem more credible, let me know and i'll do so. I understand the one post history being concerning but swear I'm not a scammer or anything, I'm CTO at a medtech startup and I have several of these. Don't need all of them (haven't even used this one barely).

I thought the price was too high, I don't know the resale value of this piece. So I lowered it significantly thinking that would help


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